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All About Konky

Born and raised in Massachusetts, later in New Hampshire, I have had the pleasure of working two industries: healthcare and culinary. I tend to take on more of an intuitive approach to cooking where I am able to gauge what I am adding to my creations. Recipes written stem from that. Recipe-creating, implementing and execution is always achievable no matter what level of cooking a person possesses. I hope to at some point, to have my own solo business started. For now though, I enjoy helping my culinary-friends and other non-culinary friends with whatever they need for their special events and occasions. Volunteering at the NH Food Bank is also one of my most favorite activities as well.

My inspiration comes from my grandparents who put so much love into cooking. "Konky", my grandfather, helped me to understand from an early age what trusting your palate meant, how to eyeball measurements and to enjoy the freedom of what cooking-without-a-recipe could be. Grandma shared with me that cooking can be hard work but is most certainly rewarding. Both Konky and Grandma always put a lot of love into the food. I am truly grateful to the both of them!


I enjoy creating both authentic and revamped approaches to cuisines as a #nonconformingchef . Some of my favorites to create are Asian, Middle-Eastern, Italian, BBQ/Smoked foods, custom confections, Thai Carvings and so much more!

Chef Melanie Cramer

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