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2023 Steel Chef Challenge/NH Food Bank Fundraiser Event

Once again, the call to duty arrives and I just cannot deny the awesomeness of diving in to help the NH Food Bank with their annual dinner/auction fundraiser event. This year, our guest VIP was none other than Chef Andrew Zimmern. It almost felt as though we had a full house and it was such an adrenaline-packed evening! In tradition, I had the honor of executing, maintaining, and overseeing both the VIP and General Admission rooms. With the support of the NH Food Bank bringing the charcuterie elements, I am able to put a spin on the anticipated designs and setups by incorporating some beautiful elements into the displays for both rooms. Once last-looks were in place and all was set up, it was GO TIME! This year, I had the assistance of multiple chefs of all ages to help maintain, replenish, and take care of the ticketed guests of both rooms! I am truly grateful for the men and women who jumped in with me and put their heart and soul into making this a success. Here is a collection of my work as well as WIP pictures.


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