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Chilled Golden Beet-Mango Soup

Beating the heat and preparing a meal tends to be an oxymoron. While everyone loves a grilling-outdoors gathering, you also want to find something cool and refreshing. I was inspired by the red beet soup I had tried out of a restaurant in Great Barrington, MA. I have no idea how they managed to get such amazing flavors to shine but it was good enough to order two for my meal! Instead of red beets, I am working with golden beets, This variety has a hint of sweetness on top of the garden/savory flavor that beets are known by. This is my take on a chilled soup offering to help beat the heat and it is definitely very easy to make! You do need a high-powered blender for this.


1 to 1/2 lb. Golden beets, washed, ends trimmed 1 Mango, peeled, pitted 1/4 C Honey 1 Lime, juiced

Garnish options: Sliced peach, strawberry, granny-smith apple, jicama, carrot, raw beets, cucumber, rhubarb, cilantro, mint, jalapeno, habanero, pineapple

Dusting options: Gochugaru, chili, ancho, árbol, pasilla, guajillo, black pepper, red pepper flakes

1.) Wash your beets of any sand or debris. Trim the ends but keep the skin on

2.) Cut the beets into chunks and into a medium sized pot filled with water

3.) Steam or boil for approximately 30 minutes. You want these fork tender

4.) Leave the beets in the water with the heat off and allow this to cool down

Keeping the skin means you are getting more nutrients. Simply trim the root and ends off, remove any hair-like roots after washing the beets.

5.) Drain your golden beets of all but 1/2 of the juice from the pot. 6.) Into a high-powered mixer/blender, puree your beets. You will need to puree in small batches along with adding the beet-juice water to help make it smooth. You do not want any chunks in this.

7.) Wash your mango prior to cutting. Make two slice cuts along the length of the mango pit. This will give you easy access to the mango flesh. Use a spoon to harvest the mango and add this to your high-powered mixer/blender.

8.) Wash, press and roll your lime on the counter. Slice into wedges and squeeze the juice directly into the mixer/blender. Use a juicer if needed.

9.) Add your honey and continue pureeing and blending to a smooth consistency

10.) Pour into bowls or cups. Garnish and dust to your liking!

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