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Cilantro Lime Dressing

Are you looking for a dressing/dipping sauce that is full of flavor and nice and light? This is definitely a delicious dressing to make. Whether you drizzle it on tacos, dip your tortilla chips, dunk some grilled meats, or to dress up your next plate, you will want to give this dressing a try! This is a Greek dressing-base to help keep this on a lighter side of things. And, once you try this, you will definitely go back for more! This was used in our Pupusa dinner as a nice dipping sauce. Even the seasoned grilled sirloin smothered with some of this dressing made us want more! You will need a high-powered blender as this requires being pureed. A digital scale will be needed for some of the ingredients because that is how I was able to jot down what I used for this recipe.

This will make approximately a quart of dressing. The recipe was written in a way that it will be easy for you to scale it down on your own for a halved batch.

Beautiful bowl of homemade dressing
Cilantro Lime Dressing


12oz Greek Yogurt (do not use low/no fat) 1-2 Limes, juiced 3.5oz Cilantro, leaves and stems 2.5oz Red Onions, divided in half* 1/3 C Red Wine Vinegar .50 oz Garlic Kosher Salt - to your own taste Black Pepper - to your own taste Cane Sugar - to your own taste

Garnish: scallions, cilantro leaves and stems *half of the onion will need to be finely diced and sent to the mixing bowl

If you have a large high-powered blender, everything except the garnish can go in all at once and blend on high until smooth. Season your dressing to your own liking and puree again to mix everything together. Taste-test to determine if you want more seasonings added. Puree again if you add more seasonings.

If you have a small high-powered blender, puree your cilantro, garlic, 1/2 portion of red onion, lime juice and red wine vinegar. Puree this until absolutely smooth. Add this to your mixing bowl.

Add your Greek yogurt next. With a whisk, combine this until you no longer see lumps. Now add your kosher salt, black pepper, and cane sugar to your own liking. Taste-test to determine if you want more seasonings added. Puree again if you add more seasonings.

You can use this right away however, refrigerating this for a minimum two hours is best. If you are pouring this into a serving bowl, consider garnishes of scallions, cilantro stems and leaves or whatever else you like!

Curtido, Cilantro Sauce, Pupusa, Steak, Salsa
Curtido, Cilantro Sauce, Pupusa, Steak, Salsa

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