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(Make It A Double) Big Dog's Spicy Maple Mayonnaise

Updated: Jun 27

I made this on a whim where I was really aiming for a different spreadable for sandwiches, particularly a BLT. It is a common thing to run in to with your favorite sandwich shops and restaurants where some sort of dolled up mustard-based or mayonnaise-based condiment is made for some really awesome sandwich specials. It just so happens, a BLT night called for something new and exciting! And, it is so stinking easy to make as well! Make this the night before and be sure to refrigerate it. This will provide optimal flavor and the spices will have dissolved overnight.

Please visit Big Dog Sauce Company of New Hampshire for the spice rub and lots of other wonderful products. You will need their "house seasoning" for this recipe. The mayonnaise will need a digital scale to weigh out.

Big Dog Spicy Maple Mayonnaise

INGREDIENTS: 4oz Mayonnaise (not spreadable salad dressing) 1 1/2 TB NH Maple Syrup 1 TB Big Dog Sauce Company's House Seasoning

In a small bowl, combine all ingredients with a wisk until fully combined.

Store in an air-tight container and refregerate for at least 4-6 hours. This will require being wisked again.

You will notice the mayonnaise mixture will have darkened and this is ok. This will be a great indication that the spices have dissolved. Great as a spreadable for sandwiches, the classic BLT, for smearing on toasted garlic bread, and for dipping chicken tenders!

RECOMMENDATIONS: North Country Smoke House complete line of bacon, deli meats, ham, and poultry. This is a perfect spreadable for BLT's! In fact, we made some!

Big Dog's Spicy Maple Mayonnaise

DISCLAIMER: Recipes, photos, and videos are the ownership of Konky's Creative Kitchen, which will include appropriate designation to all parties. This recipe development will contain products from both Big Dog Sauce Company and North Country Smokehouse. I am not employed by Big Dog Sauce Company NH, nor North Country Smokehouse. All logos identified by the parties in this content belong to their rightful owner and credit/identification/links will be provided. This is not a paid promotion. The sauces, house seasoning blend, and the collection of meats were supplied by Big Dog Sauce Company NH as a gift for recipe development only.

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