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(Collaboration) Blackberry Wine Sauce

Pan sauces are one of the fastest, easiest, and downright delicious things to make. You are probably already doing this at Thanksgiving (for USA) after the turkey comes out of the oven. You take the tasty pan drippings, bits, and pan fond and you make a luxurious sauce or gravy. Well, after cooking up some turkey tenderloins and vegetables, the pan got a nice hit with Big Dog Sauce Company's blackberry sauce, some wine, a few aromatics, and we officially had ourselves some food porn!

A pan sauce is a reduction of ingredients that utilizes the flavors that were developed in your roasting pan that get rehydrated, intensified and married into a beautiful sauce for your dinner plate. This is very easy to make and pull off at home. Please note that for those that are forced to abstain from alcohol, there are a couple suggestions to replace the wine. Just keep in mind, you are changing the recipe and will not have the same result.


4oz Big Dog Sauce Company Blackberry sauce, strained

4oz White Wine

2TB + 1TB Butter 4 Garlic cloves, finely chopped or minced 1 Shallot, large, finely chopped or sliced

1/2 tsp Dijon mustard

Olive oil

(SUBSTITUTIONS FOR WINE) Alcohol-free white wine 1/2 Part White Wine Vinegar and Water Vegetable Stock

Sauce pan on medium-high heat or use the same roasting pan that you used for cooking meats/vegetables.

1.) Add your 2TB butter and a couple glugs of olive oil and melt together 2.) Add your garlic and shallots to the pan and start sauteing. Do not over-cook but allow them to get some browning. If you are using your roasting pan, scrape the fond and rehydrate it in the butter/olive oil. Add your Dijon and continue to mix. This will take a couple of minutes.

3.) Add your strained blackberry sauce to the pan and mix well to bring this up to temperature for a few minutes.

4.) Add your wine and mix well for a few minutes 5.) Allow the mixture to start to bubble but keep mixing to avoid burning your sauce.

6.) After about five minutes in, you will start to see this reducing a bit and have a slight thickening happen. Dip a tablespoon into the batch and carefully run your finger on the backside in a swift motion. This will show you how thick (aka nappe) the sauce is. Add your last tablespoon of butter and mix well.

7.) Turn the heat off but continue to melt the last amount of butter added. This is a great pan sauce for cooked turkey, chicken, pork, salmon, scallops, pork belly, and lobster.

Disclaimer: Permission received by Big Dog Sauce Company. I am not being paid for this nor am I employed by Big Dog Sauce Company. Sauce was gifted with the sole purpose of helping to create recipes that can be used with their sauces. #kcknh #madefromscratch #madeinnewhampshire #madefromnewhampshire #buylocal #supportlocal #pansauce #porkbelly #turkey #chicken #salmon #scallops #lobster #nappe #easytomake #recipedeveloper #notapaidpromotion

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