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(Collaboration) Green Chile & Cheese Pupusa

This delicious dish comes from El Salvador and Honduras. Imagine if you will, a hot, savory pocket of melted cheese or other varieties of fillings! I'm taking the humble pupusa and pairing it with this delicious green chile sauce from The Big Dog Sauce Company of New Hampshire. This perfect pocket of melted cheese, green chile sauce, and a few simple spices to the masa, this delicious dish comes together wicked easy!

In order to make this recipe, you will need to make a purchase of the Green Chile sauce used. So, please visit to order. If you reside in New England, it might already be at your favorite store, so check out their store list online! This recipe yields 7-10 large pupusa, depending on the size you make.


3 Cups Maseca

2 3/4 Cups Warm Water or soup stock

6oz Shredded Cheese (Your choice, hand-shredded is preferred) 4oz Big Dog Sauce Company's Green Chile

1 tsp Kosher Salt (or more to your liking) 1 tsp Black Pepper (or more to your liking) 1 tsp Garlic Powder (optional)

1 tsp Onion Powder (optional) Butter

Olive Oil

1.) Into a mixing bowl, add your maseca, dried spices, and mix well. 2.) Make a well in the seasoned flour mixture and add your warm water. 3.) Begin mixing the warm water and seasoned flour for at least 5-7 minutes, until everything has been absorbed fully. Let the mixture rest for about 30 minutes. 4.) Hand-shred your cheese choices using a shredder box or a food processor (this creates the best results and melts every time) and place the shredded cheese into its own container. 5.) Pour your Green Chile sauce into a separate bowl with a spoon, 6.) With a disher (aka scoop), scoop a portion of the dough and place in your hand 7.) Roll the dough in your hands to form a smooth, round ball. Apply gentle pressure to flatten this to about 1/3 inch. 8.) Place approximately one ounce of shredded cheese in the middle. 9.) Spoon a small amount of the Green Chile sauce on the cheese. Place another 1oz of cheese on top of the sauce. 10.) Gently cup together the sides by hand as you close the pupusa. Continue to smooth out the disc of dough in your hand until no holes or cracks are found. 11.) On a sheet of parchment paper that has been lightly oiled with olive oil, place your formed pupusas on the paper and continue to make more pupusas until you no longer have enough left. 12.) If you have a small amount of dough left, feel free to gently add a little to each pupusa and smooth out.

13.) In a pan on medium heat, add a coating of olive oil and one tablespoon of butter to melt. Place your formed pupusas into the oiled pan. Each side should take approximately 5 minutes to cook. Pay close attention to the edges. If the edges are still showing uncooked dough, leave the pupusa there for another minute or two. Flip over and repeat. Cook until a beautiful golden brown. You can also leave them there a little longer if you like your pupusa to have some crispy sides.

These are best consumed while they are nice and hot. Traditionally, pupusa is served with a batch of Curtido - a fermented cabbage slaw.

OPTIONS: Serve with some of Big Dog Sauce's Green Chile sauce for dipping

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