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Greek Yogurt Dressing

For any BBQ, salads are a common go-to side dish. For Easter, we wanted to have something really special as lamb was one of the featured BBQ items on our menu. This is really quite simple to make and that anyone can make this. And, the best thing about this is that we are not doing the traditional mayonnaise base! In fact, we are using full fat Greek yogurt as the base in our dressing. I highly recommend the dressing be made the night-before as well as boiling off your pasta for your salad. This will allow the ingredients to come together beautifully and for the pasta to be perfect for the next day.

Key note: Do not use reduced fat, fat-free options of Greek yogurt. It just wont work at all. The reduced-fat and fat-free products out there have so much junk fillers, additional sugars, additives, preservatives that will absolutely ruin this.


16oz Greek Yogurt - full fat 1 Lemon, large, zest and juice

4oz Olive Oil 4oz Red Wine Vinegar 3oz Feta, crumbled fine 3oz Feta brine 4 TB Garlic, minced 3 TB Honey 3 TB Dill, dried 3 TB Oregano, dried 3 TB Thyme, dried Kosher Salt/Black Pepper - to your own liking

In a medium to large bowl, whisk your ingredients together until nice and smooth. Taste-test to determine if you want more Kosher Salt/Black Pepper. By making this the night-before, the dried herbs will hydrate perfectly. In the morning, mix this again and it will be a beautiful, smooth consistency.

With a variety of dried herbs and basic ingredients, we have a beautiful and lovely Greek yogurt dressing!
Greek Yogurt Dressing

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