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Half-Watermelon Carving - Simple Rose

There were a couple of folks in the last couple of months who reached out to ask if I had any recorded carving projects. Well, sure enough, there was a blood-drive at work being run by the American Red Cross. There was a need for more food for those who were able to give blood. Pair that with the fact it was over 100°F on that day, I can definitely guarantee you that hypovolemia and dehydration do NOT mix well together! One of the best foods would be fresh fruit to add to the mixture of what was offered! Where I cannot donate blood, at least I was able to help make a contribution to those who could.

In this video, I will show you the tools I use, the set-up (I have a wicked cool watermelon-cutting board!) and what you would see if you were me doing the carving. I did speed up the video because, well, technology being technology, I had to find a way to get this posted.

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