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Layered Summer Lobster Salad

Here in New England, we have access to the freshest seafood. I am about an hour away from the seacoasts of New England. The fresh ocean air is enough to draw many tourists to our region and many dive right into the classics. Between New England and Canada, there is a lot to be enjoyed here! Whether it is whole belly clams, mussels, crab, squid, haddock, or other awesome seafood offerings, we have it right here! But there is one particular catch that everyone absolutely loves and looks forward to. That would be lobster!

Yes, it can get pricey for multiple months at a time. We have also seen it in the $7.99-$9.99/lb range on sale in the summertime. When those prices hit the sales flyer, you better believe I'm running to the store to grab a few for home! With lobster, we have the luxury of purchasing it cooked and chilled at no extra charge. That's what makes this recipe so easy to make. And, when you bring this all together, it is absolutely beautiful and so delicious!

Lobster already has some of the most beautiful flavors around. You don't need to do a lot with lobster meat. This is my favorite way to have a salad with lobster as it is light and refreshing, and sometimes the simplest ingredients will maximize the flavors combined!

KEY NOTE: While purchasing whole lobster, it is important to know that the average 1lb lobster may only yield about three to four ounces of meat. This is much more cost-effective than purchasing pre-harvested lobster meat which can be priced at $59.99/lb, depending on demographic.

This will make four decent-sized salad plates. The plated version of this you will see was made for two people.

A mixing bowl with chopped lobster
Freshly chopped lobster meat

INGREDIENTS: 2-3 Lobsters, pre-cooked, chilled, and meat harvested

1 English Cucumber, thinly sliced 2-3 Celery, ribs, finely diced 8oz Heirloom Carrots, peeled, thinly sliced and julienned 4 Scallions, finely sliced, to taste

1/4 C - 1/3 C Mayonnaise

2-4 Pita, round-cut

Your Favorite Seafood Seasoning, to taste Black Pepper, to taste Kosher Salt, to taste

Fresh Dill, garnish

Lemon slices, garnish

1.) Place your chilled lobsters into a large bowl. Grab a smaller bowl for the harvested meat. Begin carefully harvesting the meat from each lobster. Remember to remove the intestinal tract from the tail and any excrement found. You will need nutcrackers and harvesting picks to remove the meat from tight areas of the knuckles and legs. The shells can be kept for making a nice light lobster broth!

2.) Begin slicing or rough chopping the lobster meat on your board. You may want to retain either the sliced tail or the claws in their regular form for presentation, it is entirely up to you. Once the lobster meat has been chopped, add this to your mixing bowl.

3.) Clean and trim your celery. Begin finely dicing the celery and add this to your lobster mixing bowl.

4.) Add your mayonnaise a little at a time. Mix this well.

5.) Add all of your seasonings and mix well again. Taste test to determine if more adjustments are needed. Once complete, cover and refrigerate.

6.) On a clean cutting board, begin thinly slicing your cucumber and carrots.

7.) Slice your carrots thinly and on the bias. Once completed, carefully layer a row and begin to cut julienne strips. They will appear as small matchstick cuts. Set this aside.

8.) Finely slice your scallions. Set this aside.

9.) Take your pita bread and a round cutter, cut a 4" circle. Depending on the size of the pita, you may be able to get more. You may need a small steak knife to start the cutting process. Carefully remove the cut rounds. These are your base for the salad plate.

10.) Onto a place, place the round cutter in the middle. Place the cut pita round at the bottom. Next, begin overlapping the sliced cucumber.

11.) Next, spoon some of your lobster salad mix into the round cutter (treating this like a ring mold). Press downward into the round cutter to gently pack the lobster salad mix.

12.) Layer some of the scallions on top.

13.) Gently raise the round cutter/ring mold upward and remove.

14.) Take your julienned heirloom carrots and scallions and place all around the lobster salad ring.

15.) Garnish with fresh dill, your favorite seafood spice blend on top, and serve with lemon.

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