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Pasta alla Chitarra Featuring The Colors of The Ukrainian Flag

This involves the techniques outlined in Linda Miller Nicholson's book, "Pasta, Pretty Please" for achieving all natural colored pasta dough. This is not a paid promo nor a paid plug. I just want to make sure this amazing woman is recognized for her amazing book. I purchased it so I could really hone in my pasta making skills. And of course, keep the creations in its made-from-scratch form with fresh ingredients.

Like many people around the globe, we are all standing by, watching for news updates with regard to the Ukraine. There are many who are trying to find ways to support the people of the Ukraine. If you are making any kind of donations, please be sure to research the entity to make sure of authenticity. Support your local demographic where and when you can as Im sure there are Ukrainian immigrants who are in need of support while they wait to hear about their loved ones overseas.

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