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Salsa Fresca con Calabacita

Living in New England, we are season-driven and dont have the luxuries of everything being available year round. Just like other states that have multiple season changes, fresh produce gets trucked in from other states and also other countries. This is definitely something that I enjoy making year round. When the farmstands are in full-swing, I swear I am making this several times per month. It is absolutely my favorite thing to make, to munch on and you can use this with so many other dishes. Im referring to Salsa Fresca!

There is no difference between salsa fresca and pico de gallo. They both are a nice chunky salsa that has very little liquid. The freshness of tomatoes, red or white onions, fresh juice and zest of limes, chile peppers, and fresh cilantro is absolutely mind-blowing. I start with the base and add a few more ingredients so I can get a more bulked up salsa fresca!

I make this in large batches so that is how I compiled the amounts used. This was written in a way that it will be very easy for you to scale it down on your own. For some ingredients, you will need a digital scale. As far as how small or large to dice this - it is up to you!

INGREDIENTS: 1lb/453g Roma Tomatoes - finely diced or up to your preference 8oz/226g Red or White Onion - finely diced or up to your preference 8oz/226g Zucchini - finely diced or up to your preference 1/2 Bunch of Cilantro Leaves- finely chopped (yes, you can eat stems) 2.5oz/71g Garlic, freshly minced 1-2 Limes juiced 1/4 C Red Wine Vinegar Kosher salt - to taste Black Pepper - to taste

Into one mixing bowl, prep your ingredients to your liking as far as how chunky you would like to have this. The key in prepping this is to be consistent with your knife cuts. I find making this is a great way to keep up with good knife skills and is also good habit-forming. Or, if you have one of those counter choppers that you press the blade downward, allowing the diced vegetables to fall into a container, that is also another way you can get the cutting done.

Cilantro must be dry before cutting. Use a paper towel or kitchen towel to soak up any water from rinsing it. On a cutting board, finely chop your cilantro. You can definitely use the stems but make sure they are finely chopped. It is up to you to adjust how much cilantro to put in.

For some of the ingredients, you will notice both oz/g have been used. A digital scale is a valuable tool to have in your kitchen. For about US$10-$20, you can find a versatile digital scale that allows for multiple options of weighing your ingredients and to tare when working with a one-bowl recipe. With baking, a digital scale is monumental for precision and consistent results all the time.

Mix your salsa fresca well and refrigerate for a minimum two hours before using. Mix this before using. Serve with tortilla chips, tacos, fajitas, quesadillas, scrambled egg topper, grilled steak topper, salmon topper, salad topper, and where ever else you enjoy a good salsa!

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