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A Confections Production

Updated: Feb 20

The fresh fruits, the buttercream, the bells and whistles, all those layers... layers... layers! The sweet-tooth factor is a wide range of subtle to sinfully delicious! The little girl in me can remember how much fun it was in Grandma and Konky's kitchen when we were baking cookies, brownies, cupcakes or whatever the school needed. The entertainment we had when Konky would stick his spoon in the bowl of cake batter and Grandma would scold him:

"NORMAND! Ya keep dippin' and we won't have anything for the kids at school!"

MAN we would laugh so hard, our faces turned red from not being able to breathe. Konky would do the "happy dance" in his chair as he licked the spoon clean of the stolen coating of chocolate cake batter. Baking involved live entertainment. Grandma might get her feathers ruffled up a bit but I could see the grin and hear her chuckle. We knew better though. Grandma always had enough in her bowl. And, we always brought plenty to school.

Every time I start baking up something special for the home or for an order, I smile. I keep remembering the live family productions in my grandparents kitchen. It did not matter if it was a cake, cookies, dinner, or even when we ordered dinner out to bring home, the banter in that kitchen was absolutely the most fun and memorable. Grandma was not the only victim of confection-lifting.

Grandma would make some special chocolate pudding desserts or jello parfait cups for after dinner. When we saw the whipped cream come out of the fridge, OHHHHH YEAH, we knew what was for dessert! After helping to clear the dinner dishes from the table, we would pass the dessert cups around. Out of the blue, Konky would get all excited and get everyone's attention: "LOOK! WOW, LOOK OUTSIDE THE WINDOW! SQUIRRELS EVERYWHERE!" We go running for the big bay window to try to find the squirrels going from one side to the other. Upon return to the table in total angst of not seeing all those squirrels, we found our pudding cups were missing the whipped cream. The cookie was gone! Konky would look at us and just simply say "Goodness, what happened?" We would try to call him out on the carpet for it. Grandma would come running back to the kitchen "NORMAND DID YOU TAKE THE WHIPPED CREAM AND COOKIES?!" We knew she was joking from her big smile. Konky would pull a comical two-year-old tantrum: "But MA ya didnt give me any whipped cream or a cookie in my pudding cup!" Grandma fired back "THAT'S BECAUSE YOU ATE IT! I KNOW BETTER!" That kitchen table had so much laughter that dessert time was like having our own live television production. A small dish of our whipped cream and cookie were placed by our desserts and Konky was reminded to not touch.

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