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Berries & Cream Cheese Puff Pastry

My favorite time of year when the break out the hoodies, the thermal socks and the fire pits are blazing hot while you prepare for the chilly days and nights to get together for this time of year called Fall and Winter! It really is a win-win for me! I whipped up a very simple, easy and versatile offering that can be breakfast, brunch and/or dessert. It doesn't take a lot of ingredients to make. It doesn't hit the budget hard at all. But, what it DOES have is simplicity, deliciousness and what a great way to have a fast confection available to share!

Check this out!


1 Pkg Puff Pastry (2 sheets), thawed 1lb/453g Fresh or Frozen berries, your choice 2 - 8oz Pkgs Cream Cheese (or Neufchâtel), room temperature 1/2 C - 3/4 C Powdered Sugar 2 TB Vanilla Extract 1 Egg, large, room temperature Get your oven on 400°F/204°C right now! Set up two sheet pans/baking pans with parchment paper. Lightly spray with a cooking-release spray

1.) Thaw the puff pastry package in the refrigerator

2.) If fresh, wash your berries and remove any stems

If frozen, thaw in a bowl in the refrigerator

3.) In a mixer, you will add your cream cheese, vanilla extract, confectioners sugar and egg on medium for about five minutes or until fluffy and combined. The mixture will appear curdled, ignore it. Keep blending until smooth.

4.) Turn off the mixer, taste-test the spread to see if it needs adjustments. You must work with room-temperature the cream cheese and egg. This will allow the mixture to come together without any lumps. After about five minutes, you can see the mixture is nice and smooth. There are no lumps found. If no adjustment is needed, this is ready for spreading on the puff pastry!

While the mixer is taking care of your sweetened cream cheese: 1.) On sheet pans/baking pans, line with parchment paper and use baking spray lightly.

2.) Lay your puff pastry dough out. With a fork, pierce the pastry to form a barrier about 1/4" from the edge. Then, pierce the rest of the pastry dough. 3.) Begin placing your sweetened cream cheese onto your puff pastry dough and with a knife or spatula, spread the cream-cheese mixture until it covers up to the border you made.

Bake for approximately 20 minutes or until golden brown.

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