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Braised Beef & Polenta

Sunday meals with the family or if you have that ONE PERSON in your household that needs enough food to fill both legs AND his stomach, (hubby, Im talking about you!) making this dish is going to satisfy beyond belief! When you want a nice hot meal, this is something you are gonna want to make!

Braising involves the fast-searing, and then slow cooking in the oven. This gives such an amplified flavor and it really makes your life so much easier when it comes to prepping what you need. This time, I am putting YOU in charge because there is no recipe. In fact, you do NOT need a recipe to make this dinner. You need good time-temperature control, good knife cuts, a few estimated amounts of the ingredients, and to make a few decisions on what you want to use for spice rubs, for vegetables, and a few other avenues to take.

The amounts used are approximates. The video for this is featured on my YouTube channel.


3-5lb/1.4kg-2.26kg Bone-in or Boneless Chuck 1lb/453g Stew Vegetables, diced, your choice 1lb/453g Onions, sliced, divided in half 1 1/4QT Beef Stock (homemade is key for this recipe) 8oz Red Wine (can use whiskey, beer, or other favorite spirit) Parsley, fresh chopped 4-6oz Spice Rub, your choice (watch the salt)

Dried Green Herbs (Thyme, Dill, Oregano, Basil, etc)

Olive Oil

1TB Butter

Polenta, cooked to package directions

PLEASE NOTE: average cooking time for braised chuck for a 3lb chuck roast is approximately 3.5 hours or until you have reached fork-tenderness. For every additional pound of meat, add another 1-1 1/2 hours cooking time.

Preheat your oven to 250°F/121°C

1.) Either make a spice blend or use your favorite spice mix. Lightly dress the bottom of your roasting pan. Set aside.

2.) Take the chuck and start evenly applying your spice rub on every surface area.

3.) Either in your roasting pan or in a separate saute pan with a little olive oil, start searing the chuck on medium-high heat. You want to hear that loud sizzle, which means it is giving you a nice seared crust. DO NOT COOK THIS FULLY IN THE PAN! The only purpose is to develop that Maillard reaction and get a good sear. This should be a rather quick process which can be a few minutes on each side. Place the spice-rubbed chuck in your roasting pan. Any pan juices left in the saute pan should also be added to your roasting pan.

3.) Take half of your sliced onions and add them to the sides of your chuck, in the roasting pan.

4.) Ladle your beef stock into the roasting pan, until you just start coming to the very top of the chuck.

5.) Cover the roasting pan in foil and send this to the oven. Set a timer for two hours.

6.) While the chuck is in the oven, begin prepping your vegetables

7.) Your vegetables should be as close to the same size for optimal cooking. You have to decide whether you want to:

a.) Cook them separately in a saute pan with olive oil, butter, dried green herbs of choice to al dente.

b.) or, add them to the chuck roasting pan for the last hour of cooking

8.) When your oven timer goes off at the second hour, carefully take your roasting pan out. Remove the foil and add approximately 8oz of your favorite red wine, whiskey, or other favorite spirit. You can add your vegetables to this pan, along with more onions if you choose that option. Cover with your foil and return the roasting pan to the oven for the last approximate one hour.

9.) Polenta - simply use the brand you prefer and follow the instructions on the package for how many servings you need (if you are cooking a 3lb chuck, this will have some shrinkage). Use fresh stock and grated parmesan for the best flavor. For creamer consistency, adding a little cream and butter during the last phase of mixing the polenta will make this wicked dreamy!

10.) Remove the roasting pan carefully and begin serving! The onions will have a beautiful, concentrated flavor to your dish. The fluids from the pan can easily be made in to a fast gravy by using a beurre manie (equal parts butter/flour mixed together). Take the roasting pan drippings and run through a strainer and into your small pot. Bring to temperature on medium-high heat, and add your beurre manie to allow this to dissolve and thicken. Continue to wisk until desired consistency is achieved.

Garnish with freshly chopped parsley, dusting with grated/shaved parmesan, and a little kosher salt and black pepper to your own liking.

©2004-2026 Konky’s Creative Kitchen, All rights reserved.

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