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Caramelized Onion Vinaigrette

There is nothing I love more than when the farmstands are finally opening up for the season and you have access to the freshest ingredients possible. It is absolutely beautiful to me. The best part is this does not have to wait for the farmstands to open. You may have to wait for certain ingredients but, you can easily adapt this recipe and still make the most delicious, light, and incredible vinaigrette at any time of year!

Not just for salads, this caramelized onion approach to a dressing would be excellent in roasting vegetables, marinating chicken, pork, salmon, and other seafood. This dressing is the easiest thing to make and I'm looking forward to making more!

This will require a high powered blender in order to get this as smooth as possible. If Garlic scapes are already been and gone due to short growing season, you can still make this recipe. Just add some more garlic and chives to your liking!

This recipe is created to make a double batch of dressing (approximately 30oz). You can easily halve the recipe to make a smaller batch.


1 White onion, small, sliced 1 Red onion, small, sliced Scallions, one bundle, sliced 2 Garlic scapes, rough chopped

Chives, handful, rough chopped 1 Elephant Garlic clove, sliced

1/4 Cup Red Wine of choice

Olive Oil, to coat the pan

2 TB Herbs de Provence, dried 2 TB Thyme, dried

Kosher salt, to taste Black Pepper, to taste


2/3 Cup Olive Oil 1/2 Cup Red Wine Vinegar 1/4 Cup Water

1 1/2 TB Dijon Mustard

1-2 TB Honey

Kosher salt, to taste Black Pepper, to taste In a sauté pan on medium-high heat, add enough olive oil to cover the pan. Add all of your alliums to the pan. Let this sit in the pan for only a couple of minutes. Stir around to start the browning process of your alliums. This may take about 6-8 minutes, depending on knife cuts and browning process. Do not let this burn in the pan. You should start seeing a "fond" developing in the pan at this time. Now, you will add your wine to deglaze the pan. Let the pan sit while the wine works on that fond. This will help intensify the flavors. For the next three minutes, toss your alliums around and remove from the stove. Place the cooked alliums in a container and bring to the freezer to do a fast-chill.

In your high-powered blender, add your chilled alliums (including oil/juices) and blend on high until smooth. Make sure to taste test to make adjustments to your seasonings. Puree again to mix everything together.

Now add the dressing base ingredients to the same container. Buzz until completely smooth. It will be up to you if you want to strain this but, honestly, the microbits of onion are absolutely delicious!

You can use this right away however, refrigerating this for a minimum two hours is best. This is absolutely delicious on standard salads, pasta salads, potato salads, and rice salads. This will also work great for marinating meats and seafood as well!

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