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Game On! Savory and Satisfying Food Ideas for Your Next Football Get-Together

I was talking with a few people over the weekend who shared that it was their "turn" to host in their home for the upcoming football game and they were dreading about what food to put out that wouldnt be so meh. It seemed to be something that they really wanted to do something wonderful for their guests but they didnt want to break the bank either. So, I gave these folks my business card and said, "Why not visit my website for some ideas?". The look on their faces was priceless, in total shock! Here in New England, football is just as serious as baseball, basketball, and hockey. Any mention of Boston or New England, it's not just the game they get pumped for. It is also the beer and the foods they love. So, have a look at my video, which is posted on my Youtube channel. I grabbed a list of my most favorite foods to make for watching football. Of course, this is not all of it. There is so much more available!

WINGS: I absolutely love chicken wings to the point it should be illegal. Hey, it goes well with my beer! Whether they are dry-rubbed, super-soaked, or sticky, I am all about chicken wings. I happen to be partial to my Persian inspired chicken wings.

FLATBREAD/PIZZA: Seriously, dont put an order in for delivery. Make the pizza at home! You can even pick up some beautiful flatbreads that are available from local bakeries that sell their product in your favorite grocery stores. This can be a great way to have your guests make their own or you can make a variety of them and bake them up. Slice them up and lay out on a nice platter for people to pull from. One particular flatbread that is a definite house-favorite is Pide. This Turkish flatbread is EASY to make and can definitely be a crowd-pleaser.

MEATBALLS: I dont care where you are in the world or how you make them. Everyone loves a good meatball. Either a simple marinara with fresh grated parmigiano-reggiano or a wonderful BBQ sauced meatball, this is comfort food at its best. For folks who have to avoid gluten, I just so happen to have a delicious gluten-free all-purpose meatball recipe that even my husband would tell you, it tastes just like regular meatballs!

CROSTINI/CRACKER: Do you have any idea how awesome a small variety of two-bite appetizers can be? You can top them off with just about anything you want. A game-changer that has gained a lot of popularity is my homemade recipe for Boursin. This has the same exact "bite" as the store-bought product, but you are saving a LOT of money making this from scratch. You will have much more to enjoy it this way and everyone loves that special taste.

CHOWDERS: Being from New England, we take our "chowdah" very seriously. I have three chowder recipes available for you to try, while I am currently working on more. If you reside in a weather-challenged demographic like we do in New England, you know how awesome the comfort food is when it comes to curling up on the couch with a hot bowl of chowder!


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