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June Pride Month: Rainbow Tacos

Updated: Feb 20

We are sharing the celebration of Pride month with some homemade soft corn tortilla dough for our rainbow tacos. Each masa dough uses very specific fresh ingredients in order to achieve the colors of the rainbow. I know I ended up being wicked excited over how awesome the colors came out. And, we sure did pig-out! Soft, pliable and you can definitely taste the difference when you make your own tortillas. The most incredible part is that you really don't taste the foods that go into the dough.

You will need a scale to weigh out your corn flour. The recipe yield all depends on the size of the tortillas you make. One masa dough approximately five to six normal-sized tortillas.

Ingredients: 6oz By weight: Maseca - instant white corn flour 8oz Water or your choice of mixable fluid from the video Kosher Salt & White (Black) Pepper to taste After weighing out your corn flour, mix this with your mixable fluid (or water) and your salt in a bowl and work this dough together. Please keep in mind that the temperature of your kitchen may throw off this ratio of wet to dry. If it feels too dry and starting to crumble, add a couple tablespoons of water and rework the dough. If it feels too wet, add a tablespoon of the corn flour and rework the dough.

Once completely mixed, you will need to let the dough rest on the counter, covered with a towel, for approximately 30 minutes.

Start pressing your dough either with a tortilla press or by pressing with the bottom of a cutting board or pan. You will need a decent sized piece of plastic-wrap or parchment. Take a small knob of dough (a little larger than a ping-pong ball size to start) and place between the layers of plastic wrap or parchment. Press with the tortilla press or flatten with the pan. Gently remove the flattened tortilla dough from the plastic wrap/parchment paper and into a lightly-sprayed pan on medium-high heat.

The tortillas will cook extremely fast so do not walk away while these cook. The tortillas will take less than two minutes to cook. Flip them over to finish cooking and remove from the pan onto a plate.

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