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Manti: A Turkish Ravioli

You go to Italy, it is called "fagottini" for a version of ravioli. Well, in Turkey, they have a beautiful version called Manti. This small pocket, filled with either meats, vegetables, or lentils, are the perfect make-together type of family project. This would be a great way to get your kids involved in the kitchen and it is absolutely so much fun to make. I have made two sizes with this. I made the traditional way, which is small. I also made the "hungry-man" version where they are fairly large. For the sake of making this, we will stick with traditional.

This is one of three recipes: Manti, Garlic Yogurt Sauce, and Fragrant Turkish-Inspired Tomato Sauce. The videos for this are featured on my YouTube channel.


1lb/453g Ground Beef (80/20)

4-5 Garlic cloves, minced

8oz Onion, pureed 1 1/2 TB Za'atar

1 TB Granulated Onion 1 TB Kosher Salt 1 TB Black Pepper

Fresh Pasta

300g AP Flour

3 Large Eggs 3 TB Olive Oil

or - Square-shaped Asian dumpling wrappers, cut into four small squares


1.) Into a mixing bowl, add your beef.

2.) In a small high-powered blender, add the rest of your ingredients and puree down smooth 3.) Add the puree into the mixing bowl. In a circular motion, you will mix everything together in a rigorous fashion. Your goal is to combine everything together in that one circular motion to help develop myosin (see video on my Chinese dumplings)

4.) Once thoroughly mixed, move on to your pasta dough-making.

PASTA - combine all of the ingredients either by hand, your upright mixer, or food processor. Knead for about eight minutes or until smooth. Wrap in saran-wrap for about 30 minutes to rest. You will roll this dough out, periodically dusting off with flour and roll until approximately 2mm thickness. Cut into 1-inch squares.

SQUARE DUMPLING WRAPPERS - Cut into four squares

5.) Take a small ball of mixed meat and place into the center of your square dough sheet.

6.) Lightly wet the corners of the dough, using your finger dipped into water. 7.) Bring all four corners together and pinch gently.

8.) Start sealing each side so you will have a small "hat" shaped Manti

9.) Use a flour-dusted tray to place your completed Manti and proceed until the entire meat mixture is used up.

10.) In a medium pot, get your water boiling. Add a little salt to the water.

11.) Add your Manti to the boiling water. 12.) This will cook in just a few minutes. Once the Manti float to the top, give this a couple minutes. Drain in a strainer and serve with my Garlic Yogurt Sauce, my Fragrant Turkish-Inspired Tomato Sauce, or both! Those recipes are separately available on my website!

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