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Slow-Cooked Lamb Stew

When Mother Nature is showing her ugly-self with bone-chilling cold temperatures, winter time just makes you come home, looking for a hearty, rustic and delicious dinner to warm you up. This is for those with a large crockpot who like to make large batches of food ahead of time for the next few days or you are making bulk-meals to freeze. Or, you might just be married to this Neanderthal with an endless pit of an appetite, who likes to eat. A lot. :)

You can still make this recipe on a scaled level though. However, I believe you would kick yourself for not making the recipe as-is. There is a special ingredient I use in this. One of those ingredients is from Celeste Oliva of Concord, NH. Their aged espresso dark balsamic vinegar is just freaking AMAZING!

Knife-cuts are important for when you are cooking in a crockpot.


5lb Lamb, boneless & trimmed

46oz Tomato juice

8oz Celery, diced

8oz Turnip, diced

8oz Red potato, diced

8oz Carrots, diced

8oz Bell pepper, diced

8oz White mushrooms, sliced

Corn, fresh off of two ears

12-16 Garlic cloves (adjust to your preference)

200ml Celeste Oliva espresso balsamic vinegar

1/3 C Oregano, dried

1/3 C Mint, dried

1/4 C Rosemary, fresh

1/4 C Worcestershire sauce

Kosher Salt/Black pepper to personal taste

1.) The lamb will need to be trimmed of any fat, silver-skin, bone for this dish. Then, cut into 1.5” chunks.

2.) Your vegetables should be washed. The mushrooms are simply wiped down with a paper-towel to remove any dirt. Cuts should be diced, bite-sized.

3.) Into your crockpot, add all of your ingredients and stir to combine.

4.) High for six hours with a two-hour warm setting - or 8-10 hours on low heat.

Serve into bowls with some nice crusty bread. Finish off the top of your stew with a drizzle of the espresso balsamic vinegar.

Celeste Oliva is a Concord, NH based business that features an incredible line of premium olive oils, balsamic vinegars and more! Visit their website as they have many wonderful products available!

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