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Whipped Lemon-Honey Feta Spread

OK folks, work with me here. Fresh baked bread from the oven. Garlic bread right off the grill. Freshly toasted bagels. English muffins with the nice crispy edges. How about pizza and flatbreads? What am I getting at? This is something quite special. In fact, this is downright naughty in ways that I just can't explain. Something very creamy and dreamy being smeared and topped with just a few ingredients to make the most incredible appetizer or even a brunch-type of meal. Perhaps you want to take a step further and create the most incredible base smear and make a delicious meal. This whipped lemon-honey feta spread drove us INSANE!

This ridiculously easy-to-make spread will make you want more! I made this on a whim with a Greek dinner one night and to be brutally honest: I did not eat the dinner. I was full after having one slice of garlic bread with this spread and some vegetables on top. Ohhhhh, it was absolutely satisfying on levels I cannot describe! I am incorporating this special honey made locally out of Derry, NH, that I purchased at a local event in southern New Hampshire from Mad Russian Apothecary. Although this is not a requirement to make this recipe, I have to say: get the honey from them. I am not being paid to pimp this - it is THAT DAMN GOOD!

Although there is no Youtube video for this, you dont need one to pull this recipe off.


8oz Feta block - (do NOT use crumbled) 1 Lemon, zest, and juice 1-2 TB Mad Russian Apothecary Mint Honey 2 TB Olive oil 2-3 TB Half-and-Half Kosher Salt, to taste Black Pepper, to taste

1.) Everything goes into a small high-powered blender for this. Cut your feta into small chunks.

2.) Add your lemon juice and zest next.

3.) Add your honey

4.) Secure the blade and start the blitzing process. This will at least start to break down but will still require the rest of the ingredients.

5.) Remove the blade base, and add your olive oil and half-and-half into your container. Return the blade base to the container and blitz this again until smooth.

6.) Consistency should be soft and spreadable with a spoon

7.) Kosher salt and black pepper are optional.

You can use this right away or store it in your refrigerator for up to five days. Smear this on garlic bread, freshly baked bread, toasted bagels/English muffins, serve on crackers, or even use this as a base for flatbread or small pizzas. Garnish with fresh vegetables, fresh herbs, and your favorite dusting of spices for a beautiful collection of flavors!

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