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Cherry Soy Glaze

For pork belly lovers, this one is for you! In our house, we are huge fans of adding some type of roasted pork belly to our Asian inspired noodle soups/bowls. It's the best damn complement to any Asian dish really, if you want honesty. Use your favorite cherry-based sauce for this recipe.

With some thick strips of pork belly, basic seasoning rub and then this real easy glazing sauce, you can definiely get some sexy pork belly going and find your happy place right away! This will involve a two-baste process and it is definitely planned to be on my next rotation!


4oz Frozen Cherries, thawed and pureed 2oz Bourbon 3-4oz Rice Vinegar 2-3oz Tamari or Soy Sauce SPICE MIX: Equal parts: Kosher salt, onion powder, white pepper, and Chinese 5-spice In a small container, mix up your spices and set aside

Oven preheated to 450°F/232°C

1.) Into a mixing bowl, add your sauce ingredients and mix well 2.) Take your spice mix and start with about a teaspoon's worth. Mix this well and taste test to determine if you want more. Do not go overboard with the spice mix as you will lose the marinade flavors.

3.) Place your pork belly in a roasting pan (rack inserted in the pan is best). Start coating the pork belly with your spice mix. Be sure to keep your hands separate to avoid cross-contamination. Coat the pork belly evenly on all sides

4.) Set the timer for 30 minutes and start cooking the pork belly 5.) Remove roasting pan from the oven - carefully remove the pork belly into your bowl of glaze. Coat the pork belly well. Return to the roasting pan and reset the timer for another 30 minutes.

6.) Repeat step five - you will start seeing the glaze getting thicker as you coat the pork belly. This is what you want to see. Once coated again, return to the roasting pan. REDUCE the temperature of the oven to 275°F/135°C and set the timer for one hour

7.) Remove roasting pan from the oven and allow the pork belly to rest for about 15 minutes or until easier to handle. Slice up this glazed pork belly for when you are ready to eat Makes a great topper for Asian type noodle soups/bowls, great topper for rice and for enjoying as-is.

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