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Minted Cherry Pomegranate Dressing

Have you ever experienced pomegranate molasses? It is frigging delicious with its acidic, sweet, savory, and sour notes. I swear the Persian/Middle-Eastern community has it awesome. The magic that pomegranate molasses gives to an already beautiful cuisine is just insanely good! However, what if you dont have access to pomegranate molasses? Or, your favorite ethnic market is delayed getting more product in? That's ok. I am taking traditional Persian flavors creating a minted dressing that mimics all the delicious elements you would find.

This recipe is written in a way that will allow you to cut this in half for small-batch making.

Cooked beef tenders with a homemade sauce
Pomegranate molasses ofers sweet, savory, and tart elements.


4oz Frozen Cherries, thawed and pureed 4oz Apple cider vinegar 2-3oz Pomegranate Molasses 1 Lime, zest and juice

*1-2 TB Mint, dried *1-2 TB Sumac *1-2 TB Onion powder

Into a bowl, mix all of your ingredients together with a wisk. Transfer to a small, high-powered blender and blitz until thoroughly smooth.

*If you are new to training your palate, start with one tablespoon of each dried spice in your mixture. Allow your mixture to sit for about 10 minutes to start hydrating these spices. Taste-test. If you feel like you want more of the pomegranate molasses, then add another ounce This is supposed to mimic the same brightness, acidity, savory, and sweet elements of a pomegranate molasses.

Refrigerate for a couple of hours or for best results, overnight.

This works great as a drizzling sauce for tantuni, shawarma, over rice, over vegetables, etc.

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