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(Collaboration) Cranberry Ginger Sauce

I am collaborating with Big Dog Sauce Company again and it has been an awesome time being able to come up with ways of using their amazing sauces! This time around, I am using his Cranberry Sauce. When I first tested this at the Made In NH Expo, it quickly reminded me of certain flavors I would experience in some Asian dishes. Especially, the spices in this bottled sauce. This sauce has all the nuances of what I would expect in a dumpling sauce, a finishing sauce, and also a salad dressing. So, I have created this Cranberry Ginger sauce that will work three ways:

Dumpling dipping sauce Salad dressing Finishing sauce for soups, stir-fry, grilled meats and vegetables

For this recipe, you will need a scale. This recipe uses half of the bottle to make and the recipe is written in a way that you can either double it for more or halve it to make a smaller batch. I found it easier to use a 1.5oz jigger to measure the fluids.


6oz Big Dog Sauce Company’s Cranberry Sauce 3oz Rice Vinegar 3oz Tamari 1oz Ginger, fresh 2 Limes, zest and juice 2-3 TB Water, optional

1.) In a fine-mesh strainer, run half the cranberry sauce into a container or into a mixing bowl to remove the pulp*.

2.) Into a high-powered blender, you will add your strained cranberry sauce, rice vinegar, tamari, and ginger. Blitz until completely liquid.

3.) Pour liquified sauce into your mixing bowl

4.) Zest and squeeze your limes into the mixing bowl

5.) Whisk until thoroughly blended. Test viscosity with a spoon.

6.) If you want a thinner dressing, add water and mix again

*Retain the pulp for making compound butter or mixing in cream cheese.

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