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Turkish-Inspired Tomato Vegetable Sauce

Now, normally Manti will have the garlicky yogurt sauce and a butter/tomato/chili sauce. This is where I break the rules because with this dish, Im longing for a nice hearty sauce, filled with vegetables and the unique flavors that come with Turkish cuisine. So, with simple ingredients, I have pulled together a fragrant sauce that pairs extremely well with both Manti and the Garlicky Yogurt Sauce.

This is the third of three recipes: Manti, Garlic Yogurt Sauce, and Fragrant Turkish-Inspired Tomato Sauce. The videos for this are featured on my YouTube channel.


6oz Onion, finely chopped 1 Carrot, small diced 1-2 Celery, small diced 6 Roasted Garlic (adjust to your liking) 4oz Tomato Paste 29oz Stewed Tomatoes, hand-crushed 2-3 TB White Vinegar Cumin Powder, to taste Kosher Salt, to taste Black Pepper, to taste Mint, fresh chopped, to taste Reserved Garlic Oil


1.) Prep all of your ingredients 2.) Into a large pan, add your garlic oil, kosher salt, and black pepper 3.) Add your vegetables, roasted garlic, and saute for about three minutes 4.) Add your tomato paste to the pan and smash that into the vegetables. After a few minutes, you will start smelling the tomato paste.

5.) Add your whole stewed tomatoes to the pan after crushing them with your hand. Stir your mixture until the tomato paste is fully dissolved.

6.) Add your white vinegar and mix again

7.) Add your spices and mix well

8.) Add your chopped mint and mix well. You should start smelling a bright aroma come through.

9.) Taste test the vegetables to determine if they are al-dente, or to your liking for texture.

Ladle some of this beautiful sauce on your plate.

Next, add your cooked manti on top of the sauce With your plated Manti bowls, drizzle on just as much yogurt sauce as you like.

Refrigerate the rest of the unused sauce. This can be used for dipping bread or as a great creamy base for pide (Turkish Flatbread)

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