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Creamy Cheese Sauce

This recipe will tie into the Sausage and Rice dish as well as the Stuffed Peppers dish with a delicious creamy cheese sauce to dress the plate. This is quite simple to make but it does require you to pay close attention to your time and temperature control.

You will need a digital scale


2 TB Olive oil 2 TB Butter 3 oz Red Onion, finely diced .50 oz Garlic, minced 16 fl oz Half and Half

8 oz Blend of Cheese, finely shredded (or shred your own)

Thyme, fresh or dried, heavy pinch

Kosher Salt and Black Pepper to taste

1.) Prep all of your ingredients ahead. Heat pan to low, low-medium heat.

2.) In a saute pan on medium/medium-high heat, lightly oil and add your butter. Lightly season the pan with kosher salt and black pepper.

3.) Add your prepped onion and garlic to the pan and allow this to saute for a couple minutes. 4.) Add your thyme and stir to avoid burning. 5.) Next, add your half-and half to the pan and let this heat up. 6.) Continue to stir the half-and-half mixture while gradually adding your shredded cheese

7.) Add small amounts of the cheese while continuously stirring. Once melted, continue to add more and repeat. 8.) Remove the pan from heat.

9.) Dress your plate/bowl with some of the cheese sauce before plating your rice/stuffed pepper dish



RECOMMENDATIONS: North Country Smoke House complete line of bacon and sausages, and ham. Chicken thighs, breasts, turkey thighs, breasts, and pulled pork.

DISCLAIMER: Recipes, photos, and videos are the ownership of Konky's Creative Kitchen, which will include appropriate designation to all parties. This recipe development will contain products from both Big Dog Sauce Company and North Country Smokehouse. I am not employed by Big Dog Sauce Company NH, nor North Country Smokehouse. All logos identified by the parties in this content belong to their rightful owner. This is not a paid promotion. The sauces, house seasoning blend, and the collection of meats were supplied by Big Dog Sauce Company NH as a gift for recipe development only. Written permission was given directly from Big Dog Sauce Company and North Country Smokehouse to use their logo.

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