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Enjoying Cutting Corners

Updated: Feb 20

Who would have thought "cutting corners" could be so much fun!? Whether it is a watermelon, a cucumber or a butternut squash, I thoroughly enjoy taking my knife set to them and create whatever comes to mind. I have used these skills for special events with a few local restaurants. For the NH Food Bank, I have been very fortunate to be able to participate with the volunteer Chefs for the annual Steel Chef Challenge Fundraiser. With the assistance of two amazing volunteer Chefs from Manchester, NH's very own The Foundry Restaurant, we are in charge of the VIP Room for the Celebrity Chef. All the smiles I see from our dinner guests, the VIP/Celebrity Chef and staff when we pool our skills together, gives me so much joy!

I work with a very specific set of knives that allow the blade to have some bend and some wiggle room. This craft is very much a three-dimensional craft that actually involves Geometry. Being able to envision angles is very much the very core of how this craft comes to fruition. I go into this thinking I have a plan in mind. However, there are times I take the design to another direction. When I'm in the middle of working the pattern in my mind and applying it to the fruit/vegetable, there is this amazing level of calm, of relaxation. This is a lot of work but it is just so worth it!

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