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How To Make Rose-Shaped Dumplings/Ravioli

If you found yourself with leftover dumpling wrappers/skins from making dumplings for Chinese New Year, there is an opportunity to use them up. Not just making more dumplings, but why not homemade ravioli? That's right! Those dumpling wrappers are essentially noodle dough. And, you can easily make a variety of homemade ravioli with some of the same folds as Chinese dumplings! Talk about a beautiful and delicious plate as well!

This is a "How To" guide for the video on making a rose dumpling/ravioli with three overlapping dumpling wrappers.

The how-to video can be found on my Youtube channel.

PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT BOIL THESE!!! You would do a shallow bath in a gently boiling pan with a lid and only fill half way up the ravioli sides with water. These will cook very fast so stay by the stove and be prepared to take them out when it is time! We are not toasting the bottoms so be sure to stay at the stove. The ravioli should cook in about three to five minutes. The water level should only come up to about half way up on the ravioli base.

Holding a completed rose ravioli
Rose ravioli all rolled up

The average package of Chinese dumpling skins will have anywhere from 40-45 skins. Make sure to plan for three skins per ravioli/dumpling.

You can use whatever your favorite dumpling/ravioli filling you like. Just be mindful that we are still following the same process as making dunmplings by only using so much filling. The video will demonstrate placement, how much filling, and how to fold and seal.

FOLDING DIRECTIONS: 1.) Place your first wrapper on your cutting board.

2.) Wet your finger with water and gently smear the water around the edge of the dumpling wrapper. The 1/3 section on the right side will get a little more water smearing than normal.

3.) Grab your second wrapper and lay this to the right side of your first wrapper, where you painted more water. That 1/3 section is where the left-side of wrapper #2 will sit on wrapper #1

4.) Wet your finger with water and repeat the same step from wrapper #1 onto wrapper #2.

5.) Grab your third wrapper and lay this to the right side of your second wrapper, where you painted more water.

6.) You should now have three wrappers slightly overlapping each other in a straight line.

7.) Wet your finger with water and begin smearing on the outside frame of the dumpling wrappers.

8.) You will take 2-3oz of your favorite filling and spread this on top of the wrapper line, just below the middle. The filling cannot go edge to edge, so leave about 1/4in space from the left and right hand side of the wrapper's sides

9.) Gently grab the bottom of the wrappers and roll this to the top, to lay directly on top. Press firmly to anchor in place.

10.) Begin to press downward in order to seal all points of the layered wrapper and make sure there are no openings for the filling to come out.

11.) Wet your finger and wet the length of the triple wrapper.

12.) Pick up the filled wrapper and from one end, begin rolling this up into its self, curling around the base to form the rose.

13.) Once you completely roll this, wet the inside of the edge and gently press against the rose ravioli base. You will have completely finished one ravioli rose. See picture above.


In a large fry pan with a lid, you will bring about 1 1/2" of water to a slow boil/gentle simmer.

Place your completed ravioli in the pan and place the lid on it. The ravioli should have enough weight to remain upright. This will cook in about three to five minutes. DO NOT BOIL THESE. The water should not come up more than half of the height of these rose ravioli. Having the lid on will help steam the top part of the ravioli. Always have a few extra ravioli for taste-testing and for checking doneness.

Use your favorite sauces or dipping sauces, depending on what you are making. These rose-shaped ravioli will be the most beautiful thing on your dish and I know your guests and loved ones will enjoy what you make!

I will post another video to show you how mine come out for an Italian version that I am making for Valentine's Day 2024


Here are some Persian/Middle-Eastern rose ravioli options!

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